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Military Moms

For every 10 kits we sell, we donate one kit to the expecting wife of a soldier.

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10% of all proceeds will be donated to Joni and Friends International Disability Center.

Beat the Heat with At Home Pregnancy Workout DVDs

The weather sure has gotten hot here in Saint Louis!  In the 90s most of this week and there does not appear to be an end in sight - summer is officially here!  Which means my season of walking outside for exercise has quickly come to an end.  It is wonderful to be able to get fit while enjoying the beauty of outdoor life. However, if temperatures are in the 90s, especially with high humidity, it's just not safe to exercise outside. Especially when you're pregnant!  If you are expecting a baby, please do yourself and your baby a huge favor and invest in some good at-home prenatal and postnatal workout DVDs.  Whether you're looking for yoga or Pilates, strength and toning or simply a good cardio workout - there are plenty of fun, safe and effective options available.  The benefits of exercising during pregnancy are well known: from reducing the chances of gestational diabetes, c-sections, preeclampsia, sciatica, back pain, depression and even benefiting the baby's heart!  So, know when to say enough when it comes to getting fit outside and when to crank your air conditioner and work up a sweat indoors.  If not for you, do it for your baby!

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