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Military Moms

For every 10 kits we sell, we donate one kit to the expecting wife of a soldier.

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10% of all proceeds will be donated to Joni and Friends International Disability Center.

Pregnancy Fitness and the Seasons of Life

The Pregnancy Fit Kit is an excellent way to stay healthy during the prenatal and postnatal seasons of Pregnancy whether you're expecting your first baby - or 5th!

First Baby

If you're expecting your 1st, then you'll really appreciate how the workouts prepare you for labor - not that anything can really "prepare" you for labor AND delivery, but hey, every bit counts.  The workouts get especially helpful during the last couple of months because by then traditional exercises, and anything really, are much more challenging and dangerous.  For your first baby, it's just good to have some time scheduled for you to bond with your baby by doing the simple exercises included on
Baby #2
So you've learned how difficult labor and delivery are and now you want to exercise some intention and grab ahold of anything that will increase your chances of having an easier, safer and faster labor, delivery and recovery.  Well, you've come to the right place.  Although you're probably burning plenty of calories by chasing around your little toddler, nothing compares to simply have some time to bond with the new baby growing inside you while also enjoying the mental and emotional benefits of doing exercises.  Addittionally, you'll also enjoy the freedom of exercising at home while your toddler takes a nap.  Some even enjoy doing the workouts with their toddler.  There nothing cuter than watching a toddler attempt a downward dog - or any pose for that matter!   The key is avoiding the nursery at the gym.  The place is typically crawling with germs, viruses and bacteria and that's the last thing you need while expecting.
Baby #3 and beyond
By now you've certainly learned the difference between preparing for labor and delivery and not preparing - hence, your interest in the Pregnancy Fit Kit.  Well, besides being able to exercise with your little ones and workout while their asleep, there is something beautiful about teaching them the importance of wellness.  Being an example of health is one of the best ways to ensure your children will themselves value and strive for a healthy lifestyle - and it's never too early to start!  So talk to your children about the value and importance of exercise and invite them to join you.  Besides developing fine and gross motor skills for your little ones, Yoga and Pilates are great ways to laugh, play and get in shape!

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